Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Update

I am pleased to show more pictures of friends and family wearing the superman bands!  It is great to see all of the support.  But first a quick update.  Once again dad has shocked us with his daily routine of hitting the treadmill and bike - even yesterday (Monday) after his double dose of radiation and all-day dual chemotherapy treatment.  We are very blessed given the few adverse side-effects to radiation and chemo thus far.  Today we had our weekly appointment with the oncologist and the physician is very pleased with dad's progress.  We will have an MRI of the brain tomorrow and another PET CT early next week to see where we stand with the growth and further (if any) spread of the cancer.  These "re-staging" scans will be very telling about dad's cancer and the treatment plan going forward.  Keep the prayers coming.....

Steve's Sign from The Battocks

Thank you Battocks!!

Yolanda Gottfried, Delores Romanzcuk, Pam Wiedemer, Violy Rawson, Mercy Hall & Mary Orzino

Superman vs OFT!  Get well soon Steve, it’s hard to find high quality OFT!  Livestrong -Brent

Brett and Davin

Brett and Kim (at Bob Schneider concert)

David and Joanie

"Toasting to Steve's Good Health" Erica Novak, Violy Rawson, Bruce Rawson, Mike Wiedemer & Pam Wiedemer    

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