Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Here ya go Dad!

More great pictures to post. Thank you for the support!  Check out dad at a "work" trip in Utah getting an Explorer out of a jam just below!
Your friends from TU Delft, The Netherlands: Ilja de Winter, Wiebke Athmer, Daria Tetyukhina, Wieske Paulissen, Geertje Strijker, Adriaan Janszen, Stefan Luthi

Monica and Lucy.  Picture taken @ 9PM in Alaska!!!!!!  Notice the daylight!

Monica, Lucy, and "muscle man" Mike w/ superman bands

McKnight Family - Aunt Linda and Grandmother Mabelyne - Thank you!!

Pappas Family - Florida

Pappas Family

Sending love and support from across the gulf! 

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