Friday, June 10, 2011

Superman wears Steven Hansen pajamas

That's right!  I said it!  Clark Kent wears Steven Hansen pajamas (hopefully everyone understands this reference). 

Let's review:  he flew from Saudi Arabia to Texas with the ability to only breath through what was like a straw (according to the physicians).  The physicians said he, more or less, had been holding his breath for the last two days before his tracheotomy and if he wasn't an avid runner he wouldn't have made it.  He had an emergency tracheotomy and stayed two days in ICU.  Then he began walking around as if nothing was wrong and walking to his radiation sessions (more to come on this).  Now he is facing a terminal cancer diagnosis head on and never backing down!  I dare anyone to challenge him.

Like any true hero, the size of their courage and strength is equally matched by the size of their heart.  This was never more apparent than yesterday (Thursday, June 9) when Dad opened a care package from Saudi Arabia.  This package was FILLED with TONS of awesome get well cards, artwork, letters, candles, notes in a bottle, and more.  Obviously these children and adults in the community are witnesses to dad's huge and loving heart!  My dad wanted me to send a special THANK YOU to the kids in Mutlaq who sent these cards.  You all will never know how moving and special it was for him to receive them.  He is very thankful to have "all these warriors behind him".  So, thank you thank you thank you!

Now, back to the radiation treatment.  Normally, when someone is receiving this type of radiation treatment they are placed on a stretcher or in their bed for transport.  In my dad's case, the treatment is at an off-site location and he had paramedics pick him up for ambulance transport.  The problem is they wanted to take him off in a stretcher (see below) and dad wanted to walk.  They ended up letting him walk, but they didn't give in to his request to drive the ambulance!

Notice the paramedic looking at dad!  I don't think he's too sure about this.

As I mentioned before, Dad will be discharged today.  As soon as I am done here I will check in with everyone to see where we are at with getting him anywhere but the hospital!  Dad will continue Radiation twice a day, everyday as an outpatient and chemotherapy every Monday.  We need everyone's support as we continue to raise up our Superman and fight.  I will have more information soon on how everyone can show their support for Steve in a special way, but it will take some coordination.... More to come.

Thanks again everyone.  The comments are so helpful.

The kids following Grandpa after lunch


  1. I'm so glad to read this post. Steve, I'm totally inspired! Ryan, you are a GREAT writer! The pictures say it all -- I am amused by the face of the paramedic! I love the grandchildren following Grandpa after lunch. Where's the wheel chair? I'll be following . . .

  2. you're awesome Steve...and the great healing tool. The pictures are so powerful to us following along on this amazing unfolding story. Aunt Carol says she is so behind you, Cindy and your family, she keeps you in prayer daily and thinks of you so often.
    I read these posts to my kids..and they look at me and I see amazement in their eyes. Keep on keeping on Steve...thank you Ryan!!
    huge hugs much love
    your family in NC

  3. Hi Steve,

    I am Evey(McCafferty)Bardua, a Cincinnati cousin. My mother, Evelyn, is your mother's sister. Carol and I are the same age. I am what Kath refers to as one of the "older" cousins and I also share so many memories of the celebrations, picnics, and especially the holidays at Grandma and Grandpa Ryan's, that our families shared when we were little! In recent years, I have had the pleasure of being reacquainted with your brothers and sisters and dad, as I accompanied my parents(Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Charlie)to the weddings of both Pam and Carol's sons. Now, I feel like I am getting to know you and your family through your son's wonderful blog and pictures! We are so grateful for his updates and want you to know that we are keeping you in our love and prayers!


  4. Dear SupermanSteve and family!

    Wanted you to know that a request has gone out to your sister's Prayer Warriors Group throughout America and the world. There are over 176 people from all walks of life who are praying for you this very minute!

    Your strength, courage, character and love of family and others is evident.

    God bless you and be prepared to leap tall buildings in a single bound!


  5. Steve n family..
    you can also add another 392 prayer warriors in 5 other prayer warrior groups, world wide.. as well as Silent Unity Prayer ...the power is beyond words.
    Feel this incredible strength from all around the world coming from God and the Universe as we pray for great change within your body mind and spirit Steve, as all are connected to the healing that is occurring ...believe..Believe...
    we only Envision you well.
    much love

  6. Ryan - I am thinking of you and your family as your Dad puts up an amazing fight! Our famiy went through a cancer ordeal with my aunt and I can reiterate that the power of love from family and friends and determination are so critical! It looks like your Dad has both in spades.

  7. Get well soon..........Steve

    We all in SLB pray for your good health and fast recovery... you have been a source of inspiration to all the Geologists..........we LOVE you

    Chandramani, Muscat