Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rally the Troops

Great family day!  Loads of time together and more venturing outside of the hospital.  Echo was able to see Dad for the first time since this ordeal and I know her presence now is imperative to winning the ensuing battle.  Dad also had four rounds of visitors friends and family friends.  Each person supporting dad in the call to arms, if you will.....

Tomorrow dad starts his first rounds of Radiation and Chemo....  My sisters and I are locked at the arms making sure dad is getting the best the TMC has to offer, we have armed ourselves with information and dad has repositioned himself in the oncology unit.  We have a fight on our hands.  Rally the troops!!  : )

****we have more than doubled the page views since yesterday with the majority of views in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bahrain, and France.  A world-wide army supporting our SuperMAN.  Thank you so much for all of your words, prayers, and actions.  It does so much good.


  1. Dear SuperManSteve, Cindy and all you amazing offspring -
    Just read your blog, Ryan. And to think that I had no idea what a blog was just a couple years ago! pretty sure Brian still doesn't! Technology is amazing. We are grateful to hear you are in the USA, Steve, with the best medical team, surrounded by your loving family and friends. Keep your eyes on the truth of the healing (the best advice I once had was to stop reading about it! lol) Spirit is so powerful! We are finishing up our time here in Rio and will be back in Houston by the end of June. We will see you all soon. Until then, our thoughts and prayers are with you. much love, Brian and Marylinn

  2. Ryan,
    I've just been told of your Dad's illness.
    I was your Dad's assistant over his stay in Paris.
    This news is a shock for me.
    I would like you to kindly pass him all my best thoughts.
    I know he is very strong and able to win this battle.
    My prayers are with all of you
    With my kindest regards

  3. Dear Hansens
    This is Molly, Rob Sanders cousin - I met Echo's parents years ago at their wedding. My husband, children and I love dearly Echo and her family - we are following and wishing Steve hope, love and healing.


  4. Hi Ryan,
    T-1 here, I wanted to come by today with T-1.5 and the latest T that your dad hasn't assigned a number to yet. My mom said he may be moved today or already has. Would you mind texting me some more info? 713-726-6430. Thanks!

  5. Hello Steve,
    It was less than two weeks ago that we spoke on the phone! We at SRPC are sorry to hear of your illness, but as you fight on we are behind you with our prayers.

  6. Hansen family, Marcy passed this blog site to me and I wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and sending prayers, happy thoughts, and anything else positive we can think of your way! You are an amazing family and your strength and compassion will help Steve in his fight to get better. Megan Richardson (and family)

  7. Hansen family, I truly enjoyed meeting all of you in AK for Mike and Monica's wedding. You are all great people. I am very to sorry about the latest turn of events! I'll keep all of you in my thoughts!!!
    Matt McTeague

  8. In my thoughts and prayers Steve as you journey through this. You have one amazing family, and group of friends. I love your blog, and may you find encouragement and strength in seeing all the love pour out in the days to come. Continued blessings to you!

  9. Sounds like we have WWIII happening! I declare that with this WW Rally we WILL have a Happy Ending!!! Make it so #1!

  10. Marcy + the McKnightsJune 6, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    Hope the first round of radiation and chemo went well today. Steve - you have the heart of a warrior! We are with you in spirit every step of the way. ~Marcy

  11. With all the prayers from around the world and armed with the best in medical science at TMC, we r sure Steve will make it thru fine. All the best. Debnath and Tanwi Basu, SLB-KL

  12. Keep on Keeping On Steve..
    The troops have been rallied Ryan..
    Y'all are amazing..what a journey
    love from NC

  13. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Steve. You are in our good thoughts! --Jay and Adelaide Russell (Schlumberger Paris)

  14. Steve,

    Praying for miraculous healing, strength, wisdom for the medical professionals, and peace for your family. Be strong and courageous!

  15. Thinking and praying for all of you guys.

    Caroline and James

  16. Hi Steve, I know you will stay strong and endure through your treatments. We have all 3 church congregations that we play for praying for you! I love you all, and you are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Joanie

  17. Bruce and Violy RawaonJune 7, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    Steve, wasn't long ago we visited together in Saudi. We are praying that God will give the medical professionals the tools to help you win this fight! You are indeed a superman, surrounded with a loving family and many friends throughout the world; the perfect combination to win this battle! Whether in the U.S., Europe, the Middle or Far East, we are all praying that you will be victorious!

  18. Steve, Ryan and all,
    I am Steve's first cousin -- one of the Joneses. Pam sent us an email with the news and a link to this blog. Needless to say, we are all surprised. However, it's also obvious that there is a great support system behind Steve.

    I'll be following this blog. Ryan -- should you want to know of your Dad's family on the maternal side, check out this blog: You can search on Hansen and Ryan.

    Be thinking about all of you.

    Kathy Jones Reed

  19. Steve --
    We had Tuesday night Study Group at the Schillings and drank a glass (or two) of what is commonly known as "Hansen's Red" and said a prayer for you. We hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Best wishes from
    Rachel, Tucker, Wally, Kathy, and the rest of the Study Group