Monday, June 13, 2011

Battle Continues.....

I know a lot of you are anxious for an update with Steve.  Over the weekend we moved the family posse from the Marriott to a really nice complex near the medical center.  The new place has all the amenities you could ask for and is on the top floor looking out over Brays Bayou - very nice.

Today Dad continues radiation and chemotherapy.  His radiation is in the morning at The Methodist Hospital "Annex" building (30 mins).  Then 1.5 miles away he has chemotherapy for about six hours followed by a late afternoon second round of radiation back at the Annex.  The remaining days of the week he will do two rounds of radiation during the day.  Mondays are the only days he does chemotherapy on top of the radiation. 

Today they will introduce a new chemotherapy drug on top of what he received last time.  Hopefully Dad is able to tolerate the new chemo as well as the first one he received.  This is where your thoughts and prayers come in to play! 


  1. Sounds like Mondays are a busy day! I am praying that the chemo and radiation are tolerable to Steve, and that they decimate the cancer.

    It was great seeing you guys this weekend. I'll plan to come again soon. Please know that I am a quick drive away if you need anything at all. :-)

    Love you guys!,

  2. Steve,
    We lit prayer candles for you today while at the Kylemore Abbey here in Ireland today and you are in our daily thoughts and prayers. We will see you soon!
    Tom & Brenda

  3. Hi Steve,
    We're still praying and thinking about you constantly. Cindy is here in Tucson for a few days but I haven't seen her yet. I will be keeping her in my prayers, too, for a safe drive back to Houston. I didn't realize you were in a Marriott! You should have asked me & I would gladly have checked into a discount for you or found the best place that is closest to the hospital. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do. Much love to all, Joanie

  4. I have never met Steve, but I heard a lot about him, all positive. Real gentleman with bright mind. I am praying for Steve, becuase I believe for the one who keeps the SUN moving is not a big deal to help the kind Steve!

  5. In the gym! Keep on running, Steve.