Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Feet

Your eyes don't deceive you, Superman is up on his feet! 

Today is a good day.  Monica (the younger of my two older sisters) arrived this afternoon with her daughter Lucy.  As a surprise to us all, the man that was in ICU on Thursday was showered, dressed in his street clothes, and ready to go to the cafe and walk to the water wall on Saturday.  Not sure how anyone could not see why we call him Superman!

As only dad would, he insisted on meeting Monica and Lucy in the TMH cafeteria.

We ate outside, and then went to the TMC Commons/Water Wall.

Feeling the sun and water outside with Moni and Lucy
After lunch we returned to dad's room where he spent most of his time standing or sitting around the room...but not lying in the hospital bed.  Dad's little granddaughter, Lucy, helped keep the bed warm with a 2-hour nap in it though.

No news from the physician team today, but Echo (the older of my two sisters) arrived late tonight with her two girls, Macy and Bryden.  Tomorrow we will be anxious to visit with dad as the complete family.....Sunday will be family day...all day.

So, the blog is now about 24-hours old, but we have recorded remarkable stats!  Listen to this: 629 page views in a day's time (and it's gone up TWICE since I started writing this).  Of those 629 views, 447 are from the United States, 107 in Saudi Arabia, 20 in Bahrain, 10 in France, 9 in United Kingdom, 8 in Malaysia, 7 in Australia, 6 in Germany, 5 in Russia, and 2 in Singapore.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!  We feel the love from around the globe.  Thank you so much for all of the heart-felt comments.  Dad is checking them and it is exactly what he needed to build the courage and strength to get up and out today.  Happy Feet!


  1. I don't know your dad but your mom lights up my world whenever I think of her. It doesn't surprise me that she would marry a man who is loved by everyone he touches. We continue to pray for you all!

  2. hahaha, I dont know why but in my mind, i can see happy penguins dancing around :) Cant wait to see 6 little penguins dancing tomorrow :) Steve, "keep up the good fight" Cindy, Love to you.


  3. Steve:
    Your positive attitude will serve you well as you fight the battle. All the best wishes for you and your family as you face this together. My family went through this and you will see amazing strengths in so many people as they stand by you. Good luck. Frank , Aramco

  4. Steve Cindy family
    I showed Mom this site on her computer last night so she can keep up, she wants to.. she will be soo happy to read this and see these pics of a man/family so incredible, so positive. so loved. Y'all are amazing, your spirit shines through this computer to us you all go through this together.
    We love you'll get through this!!
    Aunt Carol Stephanie Dale Alex Taylor n Jon

  5. Steve is superman!!!! Thank you for posting the photos. It is really great to see you all in the sunshine with Steve. I think getting out of bed is a great idea!

    Love to you all,

  6. Marcy + the McKnightsJune 5, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    Amazing! I'm so glad everyone is together and enjoying sunshine and fresh air. You all are "Hansen Strong" in body, mind and spirit. Hope you can feel all the love we're sending your way! xoxo, Marcy + family

  7. Oh My Goodness!!! What a joy to see. Have a wonderful, blessed family day today. Amazing, amazing....

    Love you all,

    Patricia and Rick

  8. Julie and Travis CorwinJune 5, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    Hansen Family and Friends,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as you begin this journey to fight this disease. Travis and I both worked with Ryan and can recall stories and pictures about the family - the love, the strength, the humor and the endless support - all things that will help win this battle! Reading through the comments it is crystal clear that this family is loved by many and has touched people's lives around the world. Stay strong and keep the stories coming...we are all with you on this! Love, The Corwin Family

  9. Those "Happy Feet" don't surprise me at all. To use one of my son's terms, Steve - you're a BEAST! Keep it up dude!

  10. Drew (now 6 1/2) just asked why Steve is called Superman. I told her that it's because when Steve is faced with a challenge that would make most people give up or back down, he conquers it with gusto! I don't know if that's a good explanation for Drew, but it's definitely what I know to be true about Steve. I remember walking on the Galveston beach around Christmas time several years ago with Monica and Steve. It was really cold and drizzling freezing rain. Monica and I wanted to turn back and get in the car and drive back to Katy as quickly as possible. But Steve kept saying "C'mon guys! Keep walking! This is fun!" I smile thinking about that day now. When the going gets tough, Steve keeps walking down the beach in the freezing rain - just to see the view. ;-) ~Marcy

  11. Amazing, yes; but surprising, no! It is great to see the photos and to know that you are all together giving each other strength. Ryan, I love the "happy feet" title, because it is definitely a happy sight to see Steve on his feet and enjoying the family. Much continued love and prayers from us to you all. - Joanie and David

  12. Steve Cindy & Family, thanks so much for the updates. Today at church we all said prayers for Steve & the Hansen family. From the blog I can see & feel the love and strength of all of you. You are in my prayers & thoughts. Love, Connie (Mike's mom & Lucy's grandma)

  13. Just found out about this blog from Edna. Thanks so much for the updates and I'm so happy to see Steve up on his feet walking around & eating outside. Having the pleasure of knowing you & Cindy in Malaysia, I know you guys will bring on the fight & get through this with huge smiles on your faces. My prayers are with you, and get well soon!


  14. Nice one, Lucy. Don't let a good bed go to waste!


  15. Dear Steve, Cindy, and Family,

    We are happy to see Steve's photos on Saturday in the cafe. We all pray for you. Get well soon.

    Lots of love,
    Fon, Aek, In and Ing
    Bangkok :)

  16. Steve,
    The news of you being admitted to hospital came as a big surprise to me and fellow colleagues who know you here in Malaysia. You never decline to help whenever asked; your kind soul has touched the lives of many who worked with you. May god bless you and we pray for your speedy recovery from this illness. Don’t give up because you never did!.
    YL Cheong
    Kuala Lumpur

  17. So wonderful to see Superman up and about with his family. We will be up to see you Steve &Cindy as soon as we are back in Houston. Take care!
    Xoxo. Brenda & Tom

  18. Sophie ZurquiyahJune 9, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Dear Steve, wishing you the courage to go through the treatment and sending my hopes that everything will come out good. Get well soon!
    Sophie (SLB)

  19. Dear Steve,

    May god bless you, we all miss you here in Bahrain, we all pray that get well soon and come back to us..You tough us how to be strong and tough, and I’m sure that you will safely go through the treatment.

  20. Dear Steve,

    May god bless you, we all miss you here in Bahrain, we all pray that get well soon and come back to us..You tough us how to be strong and tough, and I’m sure that you will safely go through the treatment.

    Somaya (SLB)