Sunday, June 19, 2011

Superman Supporter Pics

Great sign for Steve the Geologist!
left to right – nora (in black), viet, syaiful, willy, kent, lizza (in purple dress), lee chin, samie, zai, lily, asad, Debnath, jurry, rola, khairul
Get Well Soon - All Hands
Echo and Rob showing their love and support!


  1. This is Naomi who is Echo's friend. I passed the bracelet to Bryden's preschool teachers. They wore them right after I gave it to them ! They believe Mr. Hansen like me !

    I will get mine soon from Echo !

    I love Echo & Rob's photo ! I am guessing the person who took this photo from Rob's smile.... Might be Miss.B ! Didn't she ???

  2. Wonderful to see all of the support for Steve! I will be taking my own photos tomorrow! We are wearing our bands and thinking of you minute by minute!!!! Stay Strong!!!!