Monday, June 13, 2011

Superman Bands!

My wife, Pam, has a great story to share on how the bands came about and how we plan to use them to support Steve.  See told by Pam.

Sunday morning, I noticed Cindy's Livestrong band.  I asked Ryan if he gave it to her since I knew he had a supply in his closet. He said yes, but that he only had two left.  So having seen the Lance Band on Cindy, I was led to create Superman Bands. 

Sunday night, I told Ryan about the wristband idea. He thought it sounded "really cool". So we googled "wristbands with a message" and found a company that seemed to be reputable with affordable prices. I had the order ready to submit, but I hesitated. It would take 7 days to manufacture and then up to another 7 days for shipping.  As impatient as I am, I did not want to wait two weeks.  My mom suggested to call the company to discuss details. So I waited to place the order.

Monday morning, I called the 1-800 number and Jerry answered the line.  Jerry was so kind to offer a rush order with no extra charge and promised the bands would ship out no later than Thursday. After placing the order, I received a voicemail, "Hi Ms. Hansen, this is Jason calling from Wristbands with a Message down here in Houston........"  This message took my breath away.  Could it be that a google search led us to a company in Houston? I quickly called the company back to ask if I could pick up the bands from the storefront. I explained that I had talked to Jerry earlier and that he was helping me get rush manufacturing. Come to find out, Jerry is the owner and I was so lucky that he answered the phone the first time I called because Jerry helped me in so many ways.

Wednesday morning the kids and I headed out to the little town of Stafford, TX...basically my hometown...and we were in search of Superman Bands.  Of course, I had trouble finding the store (had to make 2 u-turns). Taylor spotted the building, and told me to turn around again.  When we finally arrived I said, "I am so glad that I finally found it." And Taylor so politely responded, "Don't you mean....I found it?" The wristband company was located across the street from my former gymnastics academy. I was still in disbelief that we found this company via a google search not knowing at all where they were located. Once inside, a lady greeted us and retrieved our order. I then asked her if Jerry was available, and he was. We gave each other a warm hug and I thanked him for being so helpful with the order. As we were leaving, I asked the lady who greeted us, "What is your name?"  And she replied with a smile, "Grace." To which I responded, "What a beautiful name!"

How sweet it is to be greeted by Grace....God is all around us in this battle sending us messages each step of the way............

FRONT-SMH Our Superman BACK-Livestrong

Thank you Pam!  So now the plan is to distribute these bands as far and wide as possible to all of his supporters.  Our hope is that we will get pictures of friends and family wearing the bands to show Steve. 

We need a representative from your State/City to help distribute the bands in your area.  i.e. we mail a package to one of the Hansen's in Tucson and you mail them out to family in the area.  We already have a package headed out to Saudi, but we need your help for Arizona, Paris, North Carolina, etc.  Please try and coordinate as much as possible to limit the number of packages.  Then email the mailing address and number of bands to

Please email photos wearing the bands to  THANK YOU!

P.S. - Last I heard, Steve was in the GYM right now....after his two rounds of radiation and chemo today!


  1. FABULOUS IDEA !! And yes, very cool! You can count us in on being the Tucson distributor, along with Mom and Bill, I'm sure. I'll email both addresses to you right away. God is SO good, and this was a great story, but certainly no coincidence! He has a Higher Plan !!

  2. We LOVE this idea! Count us in as the California distributor! I will email our address to you. Way to go, Taylor, for finding the store and helping your mom make this happen. You are resourceful, smart, and determined, just like Grandpa Superman!
    Love you all,

  3. We would love to wear these bands for Steve! If you need help in any way let me know. I will e-mail you my address. He has so many people around the world supporting him! This is a wonderful idea!!!

    Love you all,

  4. Our bands are on their way to us in Illinois. Thanks Pam and Ryan. We will be wearing them for Steve and his family. It is an honor to do so. :-)

    The Sanders Family

  5. Keep up that positive attitude, Steve! That's the way to beat your cancer....Give it a good swift kick! You're in our thoughts and prayers and we'll be keeping in touch.
    ..........Margaret Farhadi

  6. Great idea...
    send them to NC and we'll where great support...I work at Walmart..lots of people..will love to where them......