Friday, July 29, 2011

MD Anderson

For those of you that don't know, my dad was admitted to MD Anderson on Tuesday of this week following a CT Scan of his chest/abdomen.  There was some alarm from MD Anderson after reviewing the CT and seeing the number of blood clots he had.  They didn't believe that somebody with this many blood clots could be healthy enough to go home.  Of course if you saw dad you would see that he has lower extremity swelling, tires easily with too much walking, but otherwise looks very good!  Which is why Methodist had discharged him only 4 days prior.  After finally getting a room at MD Anderson very early on Wednesday morning, he was discharged today with confirmation that the blood clots, although troublesome, are getting better everyday. 

Today we went straight from the hospital bed to the clinic exam table and met with dad's new Medical Oncologist at MD Anderson.  We discussed his next course of treatment which will be 6 doses of two types of chemo administered together.  Each dose will be given three weeks apart with office visits, staging images, labs, etc. in between.  Chemo starts on Tuesday of next week!  So far we have seen an extremely positive as well as unexpected response from the tumor and metastatic lesions from low doses of chemo.  We can only hope and pray for continued positive response to chemo and of course limited side-effects for dad. 

It was great to have family here recently visiting and supporting dad.  We hear more are on the way :).

Monica with her band in the most Northern city in the US, Barrow, Alaska!

Monica in Barrow, AK.  320 miles NORTH of Arctic Circle!

Michel Claverie at the last stage of Tour de France on the Champs-Elysees!  Thank you Michel!!

Debbie and Jim supporting Steve in Tucson

Macy and Bryden with Superman Steve bands wrapped around the world
The Matt McClellan, my dear friend, enthusiastically supporting Superman Steve.  Nice Bass behind you!

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  1. All the best Steve, wish you a prompt and complete recovery. Nadege and myself wish you all the best

    Emmanuel and Nadege
    Rio de Janeiro