Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm happy to report there is not that much to report!  As I mentioned before, dad was discharged on Friday, July 29 from MD Anderson.  He had his chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday of last week and so far so good.  These things take time to determine the clinical efficacy, but he is receiving the same therapies during his radiation treatments which seemed very promising.

Although there are still daily struggles and battles with swelling from blood clots, anticoagulant shots twice per day (administered by Cindy), feeding tube, trach maintenance, etc..........Dad is VERY strong and continues to walk as much as possible, play with the kids on the floor and everything else you would come to expect from a healthy Steve.  Over the next week dad has various doctor appointments and labs at MD Anderson and then chemotherapy during the week of August 22.  Please continue to pray, visit, email, comment, and send those positive and healing thoughts his way.  I know sleep doesn't come easy for dad and thus he thinks and prays about all of you at night...........

Thank you to everyone for wearing your Superman Bands!  Here are some more pictures of our Superman Steve Supporters!!

Dad's Sister, Laura, showing her love and support

Pam's Uncle John with Great Aunt Shirley and Cousin Bonnie (Chicago)

Pam's Chicago cousins with Uncle John (in the hat).  They have you and your family in their prayers and are asking you to stay strong and positive in your winning fight.

Eloy, in France, giving platelets and showing his Superman Band!

Message only a Geologist could appreciate:
Only after a period of scouring and incision comes the healing fill.  Fill the canyon with the right stuff, and you end up with a heck of a good reservoir
The most effective treatments are therefore coarse, but at the same time well-sorted.
You have all of the elements to win this one!
- Rob Laronga (Clamarte, France)

Dad's good friend Martin Bolas:
Caught my first rock crab wearing my SMH Superman band!  Love you Steve!  

Pam's Uncle Dale and Aunt Suzi:
Stay Strong Steve!!!

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  1. Stef n family in NCAugust 22, 2011 at 6:53 AM

    thinking of you all....
    sending peaceful prayer and
    healing energies often
    much hugs n love
    cousin Stef...