Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in the hospital......

The night of July 4th we brought Steve back to The Methodist Hospital ER.  He had been suffering from high fevers, shortness of breath, malaise, and chest/back pain for a couple days without any sign of improvement.  So, shortly after Echo returned back to Houston from Michigan on Monday we made the trek to the ER around 8:30pm.

After a host of tests and physician consultations he was diagnosed with 2 pulmonary emboli, one in each lung, as well as pneumonia.  It's no wonder now why he was feeling so poorly....  By 12:30am dad was in his new inpatient room in TMH.  To put it lightly, we have run into a number of clinical care speed bumps during this hospital stay, but with a few emails to the executive administrative office we are receiving the care expected for our Superman Steve.  July 5th and 6th were extremely rough days for dad, but I feel that now we are back on track.  I am happy to report that dad was able to complete his radiation therapy yesterday (Wednesday, July 6) and mom took a picture of him ringing the ceremonious bell at the facility for his accomplishment!

So, I am updating the blog to call on each and every one of you to send your prayers and healing energy to our Superman.  We need him to return to full strength in order to continue his battle.....


  1. Stef n family in NCJuly 7, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    ahh...sending so much love prayer and healing energies your way Steve..and to all of you, supporting him...
    Ryan, thank you for the updates..we truly wait for each one you send...we are not with you all physically, but we are with you hang in ok, and keep picturing yourself doing the things you love...with who you love..we envision you well..all the time, as we think of you.
    Mom..Aunt Carol sends her love we see your bands..we think of healing thoughts..of prayer sends to God and the Universe for great healing and you go through all this.
    much love...Stephanie n family in NC

  2. Hi Steve, please hang in there, you have always been a superman...we are there with you in spirit...Tanwi & Debnath from KL

  3. Steve, this is Javier writting from RT-Saudi. Keep fighting my friend. All my family and friends are praying for you.
    Ryan, thank you for the updates.

  4. Steve, Cindy and family,
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers. You are surrounded by well wishes and warm thoughts from around the world.
    Keep strong, Steve.
    Thinking of you,
    Rob and Lynne

  5. Steve, We were sorry to hear about your recent set back. Healing takes a lot of energy so rest up.
    Praying that God will strengthen your body so you can with stand the cancer treatments and beat this disease. We think of you all daily.
    Hang in there, Kathy & Johnny McClellan

  6. I'm thinking of you guys and sending lots of love, prayers, positive thoughts and healing energy over the miles to Houston. Please don't hesitate to call on us if we can do anything to help. xoxo, Marcy

  7. Prayers coming from the Rumore family and Martha Clark in Rayne, LA.

  8. Steve, Cindy and to all the Hansen Family,
    Our continued thoughts and prayers with all of you! To our Superman Steve, rest and get your strength back. We are all supporting you in your battle. Feel the love and strength of those near and far and get better! Let us know if there is anything you need. We are here for you.
    Tom & Brenda Pickens

  9. You brought a smile to my face, my friend, picturing you triumphantling ringing that ceremonious bell. We miss you in Saudi, Pal, and encourage you to keep fighting like we know you are. Jim

  10. Steve and Family, We were hiking Lizards Head in Colorado last week. Whenever we're around rocks we think of Steve. We prayed at the top for his speedy recovery. As we started down, it rained on us, hailed on us twice and the temp dropped to 50F, which is cold when you're just wearing light hiking clothes and wet. We asked ourselves, what would Superman Steve do? Keep on hiking...keep on fighting. We're thinking of you and praying for you. Tex and Cindy Boratko