Sunday, July 3, 2011

Update and More Superman Band Pics

We reviewed the results of dad's PET CT at his weekly appointment with his oncologist.  I am happy to report the results were as good as we could have hoped for.  Positive results in terms of both reduced size and viability in most aspects of the tumors.  This is tremendously good news to hear regarding a disease that characteristically does not respond.  I know the prayers are working.....

The fight has not been easy and the chemotherapy and radiation definitely take their toll.  After this Wednesday my dad will thankfully have a reprieve for at least a couple weeks to recuperate.  The radiation makes his throat so uncomfortable eating almost becomes impossible even with pain meds and also causes the trachea to become inflamed and slough tissue.  This makes him cough for long periods of time during the day and his temperature jumps to 102.5 often for no apparent reason.  Although we like the initial results of the chemo and radiation treatments, I know dad needs a much deserved break.  I am hopeful that he will finally be able to get some rest as he doesn't sleep very much.

Dad's sister Pam left on Friday and we were all sad to see her go.  Thank you for your love and support Pam!  Dad's place is not empty though....... Steve's dad (Grandpa Hansen) and his brother, (one of many siblings!) David, made the trip to Houston on Friday to take over for Pam.  Their time here will be well spent and I am glad they have been able to stay at dad's medical center apartment.  I believe they leave Monday.....and so arrives Echo with Rob, Macy, and Bryden!  I would like to mention all the guests that come by as well.  It seems everyday there is someone stopping by to visit.  There is lots of love and support and we are all thankful for it.  Which is a good transition to show some more Superman Band pics from all of you.

A special message from Paris:  On vous embrasse tous, et bon courage!  (We hug you all, be strong)

Wireline HQ team finishing a strategy session, and sending off Jay to Houston.

Wireline HQ Personnel, VP Middle East, and Michel squatting.

Wireline HQ team and Borehole Geology Engineering team in front of one the borehole imaging tools prototypes.

Batman needs Superman up and flying again. Prayers are with you bud. Pam's Uncle Davey

Pam's Aunt Kay (left), Don and Linda (Pam's parents).  We're praying for you and your family to stay strong and all to cross the finish line together.

The God Box made by our neighbor's son, Blake (8 yrs old).  Thank you Blake!

Edna and her dog "Babeng" in Saigon


  1. Steve,
    We are following your progress from Santa Cruz, Bolivia (tha's why we haven't stopped by for the last few weeks). We are very encouraged by your progress. We left Houston before we could get the wrist bands, but we'll get some pictures with some home made ones and pass them on. We most definitely will stop by as soon as we get back in late July.

    With all ou thoughts and prayers,

    Ricky and Chichi

  2. Steve, everyone in KL is pulling for you. We are thrilled to see your progress. We are pulling out all the stops and asking for support from everyone Islam, Hindu, Christian, and Buddist!

    Stay Strong!

    Ray and Sheri