Monday, July 11, 2011

One day at a time......

One day at a time.  This is what my dad told me as I left his bedside tonight.  Those words never ring more true than today.  Yesterday dad was starting to feel some strength come back, less shortness of breath, and he went for a walk around the nursing unit.  That evening we even felt comfortable enough to leave him at the hospital by himself and we spent the evening at the beach.  This morning dad had a terrible time trying to catch his breath, lots of fatigue and he was unable to move from his bed to the stretcher for an x-ray.  We know there are going to be ups and downs as we continue to fight this fever that doesn't seem to go away, and the blood clots and fluid in his lungs, but it's just tough to see the "down" times.  I'm happy to say that dad was feeling better as the day progressed, but he spent his afternoon getting a filter placed in his inferior vena cava to prevent any further clots from reaching his lungs..... he said it wasn't painful, but it can't be all that much fun!  Furthermore, for a guy that can't talk, he sure does a lot of communicating.... in a given day he will see a massive team of clinicians.  All of whom ask many of the same questions.  For this admission we speak daily to Oncology, Pulmonary, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, Speech Pathology, Respiratory Therapy, Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, and sprinkle in radiology, patient liaisons, his nurses, nurse practicioners, technicians, and PCAs for fun.  I am sure at the end of the day my dad re-lives many of these moments - the conversations, struggles, and "human pincushion" activities he has endured and takes a deep breath and thinks one day at a time.  Tomorrow dad will go through much of it again as well as have a temporary feeding tube placed in the morning (quite routine for a throat radiation patient).  SO, one day at a time day at a a time.  Here's to tomorrow being a day filled with added strength and easy breathing :)  Love-Ryan.

Now for some more supporter pictures and one of dad ringing the bell...... Thank you everyone!
Sending love and peace from Savannah, GA.  Fred and Karen Daniel

Ringing bell upon completion of ~40 radiation treatments.  The mask on his lap was worn during radiation and strapped to the table....

Texans praying for Steve!  Johnny and Kathy McClellan

Vern Sanders with dogs Maddy and Darwin - Fighting for Superman Steve!

The Michigan Sanders fighting for Superman Steve!  Vern and Bill Sanders

Steve, I'm sending my love and support and prayers for you!  -Debbie Sparrold

"had to let you know I even shower with my band on!  Sending you thoughts of comfort and peace.  -Miesa Murphy

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  1. Ryan, Thank you for the updates. Is there any way to still get the wrist bands? If possible we would love to wear them.

    Thanks Tex and Cindy Boratko