Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prayers - By: Steven Hansen

Prayers – They are not just for emergencies, but should be used on a daily basis.

   Listen to God when he speaks to you (I sure didn’t).  When I first found out I had a tumor in Saudi after the CAT Scan on Saturday night (June 29th) and the doctors told me to go to Houston to have it removed, I took it with a grain of salt.  I went right home and emailed Dr. Richard Dunning, the SLB doctor who used to live in the same Saudi Compound, about the analysis and eagerly awaited his response.   I also phoned Cindy and my Dad to get an appointment in TUCSON. 
   The next morning I checked an email and Dr. Dunning replied “get on the next plane to Houston”.  So I immediately called Cindy and Dad again to see if they found anything about the appt in TUCSON.  They both said it was Memorial Day Weekend and hard to find anything out.  So, as a back-up plan I called Ryan to see what he could find out in Houston.  I booked the next flight to Houston and figured when I arrived on Monday I could book the onward section if they found an appointment by then.  Before I left for the airport Ryan called and said he had arranged an appointment for me at 2 pm on Tuesday, (in Houston) as I arrive Monday afternoon. 
    Still not listening – In Saudi I checked-in and walked to the gate with shortness of breathe, but not too bad.  I arrive in Qatar and have to walk down the stairs to get off the plane and then on to the waiting room and back up another set of stairs to get on the jumbo jet.  During the flight things slowly got worse, by the time I arrived in Houston I couldn’t walk (which I blamed on the airplane altitude) but God had plans for me be in Houston - I just wouldn’t listen.  I had a wheel chair meet me in Houston and never got out until Ryan’s car.  I believe he was shocked to see me in the condition I was in, so off we went to his house to spend the night.  By the time we arrived at his house I couldn’t walk 20-40 feet without being exhausted.  I spent an hour or so on his couch and then tried to sleep in his bed with all the pillows.

Messages – Visions from God.
   During the night I got very little sleep, but had plenty of time for prayer and received some beautiful visions sitting on Ryan and Pam’s bed.  I can’t really say what they were of, or about, just 3 dimensional white things, not necessarily lights just a winter wonderland of white objects, painting, shapes, scenes etc. There seemed to be thousands of shades of white, where normally you see or only detect one shade.  I couldn’t even tell if there was music or not as it was like floating through dream land, or dreamland was floating past me.  It was so peaceful it seemed like you could just pray forever in that spot.  In the morning I got a shower (with difficulty) and got ready for the afternoon appointment.
   Those that know me spiritually know I would like to die just to be able to visit with Jesus and see what Heaven is like.  Fortunately I am having too great of a life on this side to want to find out about the other at this time.  At funerals, etc I am jealous that they get to see Heaven and I have to wait, but that is the way I want it now – to wait.
   As I was sitting on the bed, I got a message “Go to the hospital NOW or your wish will come true”.  I worked my way from the bedroom to Ryan’s living room where I stopped to catch my breath.  There I informed Ryan I can’t wait for the appointment, we need to go the hospital this morning once I catch my breath.  He started getting things in place, moving the car in front, telling Pam the appointment would have to be cancelled and talking to doctors, etc.  A few minutes later we discussed getting an ambulance, etc, and I received the message again “ I said NOW”.  Ryan pushed me in an office chair (with wheels) to the car and off we went.

 Prayers in the Hospital - after the blog started.
   After receiving the news of the seriousness of all what was going on to me I asked God “What plans do you have for me in the future” and the immediate answer was, “There are two important things for you: First, make sure Cindy finishes her studies as she doesn’t know how many people she effects positively whether in teaching or ministerial positions.   Second, there are many small things for you to always do”.  I guess God could see I was disappointed (I was wishing for something grandiose in the middle of the night) and the quick response was “Steve I can’t believe you don’t see the big picture, as a geologist you know there are millions of sizes of fractures, from micro, meso to macro and if you are to heel them, some will take seconds to minutes, some minutes to hours and some hours to days.  There are so many people and places that need your help and this is where you have always fit in best”.  I must have been three shades redder than when I’m getting Chemo (and I turn RED during chemo).
   In my prayer the other night to Jesus he told me that through this I had brought so many people around the world to think about him again, if only for a minute, maybe a day or hopefully a life-time.  He said he can’t do it by himself but through all of us, in many different ways. He puts things in place and it is our job to implement them for all.  I am just a child of God being used by him for the betterment of all, which is what we all are.  For the time being my situation is leading people to prayer, what I am trying to cope with now is how to continue this start of prayer so that it continues as an everyday part of life.  I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers I am receiving at this time, but my goal is to keep all of you praying all the time and not just in special situations.  It doesn’t take 10 seconds to pray “Dear Jesus please bless my Beautiful wife Cindy”.  See you’ve done it if you only say one 10 second prayer per day it goes a long way when spread worldwide.
  A couple days later I asked (being naive) for a sign that this was the plan for me.  He said “I have marked you as a Child of God, just look down”.  Sure enough if I looked down at my chest there were many blue permanent marks on me from my neck to navel.  These are for the radiologist to line things up.  As I look at the marks they make the sign of the cross, if anyone else looked at them they might see an upside down cross.
   I do not think people overall understand the power of prayer; it is not just for today but tomorrow and forever.  Too many times people only turn to it when they are desperate and not a day-to-day routine, let’s all try to make it part of your daily routine.


  1. Steve,
    I have read every post, but this one really spoke to me. I almost don't know what to say, but I loved hearing this in your own voice. If it is your hope that this keeps us all praying, I'm sure your hope will be realized. My only regret is that I didn't get to keep knowing you. It was great seeing your Dad (my Uncle Bill) wearing his Superman Steve band. Thinking and praying for you.
    Your Cincinnati cousin, Kathy Jones Reed.

  2. Wow ..Steve...I am so touched by your words..my gosh..we haven't spoken..in years...yet through Aunt Patty, one of my special people on the planet, I have always known so much about you, Cindy and your kids...my family, so unconnected by life, time and space however, I have always felt a connection, even though most all of the time, it was over there...but a connection to you all that came to me at many times in my life. Your words here, truly bring who you are to all of us, in such a wonderful way. Your passion of spirit..your passion of all you're going through ..your passion of your wife and your family...your passion of life...your passion of so many connecting in prayer for you and your passion of prayer itself. The simple prayers, like you speak of and the huge connecting power prayer around the world for you daily, through all of us, through many people we know, and most of all through you and your words..are so extremely powerful...thank you for these words Steve..for me they have given more connection to these prayers for you and in prayer itself, something I so believe in....You're truly amazing and yes you are here yet, to teach many the power of prayer the power of healing and it's connection to the Christ spirit within us all.
    much love..from your family in NC

  3. This is such a powerful post. I read this and thought of a conversation I had with my Mother this past week. I pray all the time. I believe in the power of prayer. I hope your message spreads around the world and people really take to heart what you have said and put prayer into action. I am so glad to see that you have faith. I too have faith. Hang in there.... There is a plan....

  4. Steve ~
    Wow! You are so right - through Christ all things are possible. We need to thank him in the good times as well as cry to him in the bad times. He is there for us always! I would like to share your post in hopes of further spreading His word. Much love from Phoenix!!!!

  5. Well said my brother. I am so glad you shared your amazing experiences with everyone. When we receive an abundance of prayers it becomes a tangible thing. Our prayers continue to be with you, Cindy and the rest of the family for the strength and endurance needed for this fight.
    Love sent to you from Tennessee - Pam & Mike Wiedemer

  6. Beautifully said. Continued prayers for you, your family, and all God's creation.

  7. Steve, this is so special and I thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us! My sister is correct - - we CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us!(Phil. 4:13) This is a true testimony that God still speaks to us in modern times, and David and I will continue to pray on a daily basis for your continued strength and health to fight this battle. God bless you, my brother! Much love, Joanie

  8. Steve,
    This was a great post. Amazing. God is amazing.

    After I read this I opened the bible and was lead to read Mathew 8:1-18 where Jesus heals a man with leprosy, the military man's servant & Peter's mother in law. This just really reminded me that there are no limits to what God can do. He is the ultimate healer.
    Our prayers go out to you & your family every day.

    Aaron Stork

  9. Steve, your post is an answer to prayer! When I found out that you were in Houston in the hospital I was shocked. Ryan's blog has been an excellent way to reach out to your many friends around the world, to keep them informed and help to engage them in prayer and support for you during your battle against this cancer. My prayers have included a request that God use your situation as a testament to his goodness and love for each of us. Your post has done that! Too often we become so "busy" that we forget to take the time to say a simple prayer for ourselves or our loved ones. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of prayer in our lives!

  10. Uncle Steve,

    I for one can attest to this. The Superman band now serves as my daily reminder to say my prayers...it really is a powerful thing.

    And what a great message you wrote. We are with you!!!!

  11. Steve, I'm Carol and family's pastor. Here at Covenant Church, we have been gathering to pray for your healing everyday. Carol has placed your name on our prayer update and through that daily e-mail thousands of people around the globe are praying for you daily. Prayer is our only hope and it is an honor to get to lift each other up to God in Jesus' name. The Lord is our strength in times of need. We continue to pray in the name of Jesus Christ for healing in your life! Blessings! drPHIL

  12. Steve, this is so true, it is through prayer thru Jesus, that we connect with God. We all need to be reminded to pray unceasingly as the word of God instructs us. If i may add, we need to realize that God is our "Father" and he wants relationship with us. As Jesus said anything you ask the Father in my name he will give it to you.
    Thank you for letting God use you, for being obedient to his leading. You are teaching us all with your faith, and your fight. May God continue to richly bless you and keep you. I'm standing in prayer with you. Go Steve!! Child of God!! Judy H. :-)

  13. Steven, what a beautiful and special way to get to know you; your sister Pam invited many of her friends to pray for you, and I am just one of them who does. We all want you to be "on this side" much longer and pray that GOD will allow this to be!! Maybe He will also allow, that you can share with us more of your absolutely amazing experiences during this time. Somehow your illness has begun to effect others with your message of: "Listen to GOD and do what HE says!" and something like "Love and Peace are waiting for those who love Him, who loves us first" ( I got this from your visions during the night)! Thank you for sharing with us what you know now and what you found out! I'll continue to pray for your complete recovery and for your family as well. Erika Nowak