Monday, September 19, 2011

Rock Solid Faith

As you all remember, Steve had started his next course of treatment at MD Anderson.  This was a combination of chemotherapies, full-strength, which is designed to systemically attack growing cells both good and bad.  Of course this is the reason his hair had recently fallen out and causes other unpleasant side-effects. 

On Friday, September 16 Dad was to receive his third infusion of this treatment but beforehand he had a series of labs and scans to check on the progression/regression of the cancer - specifically in the neck and lungs.  Initially there was a positive response to the low dose of chemo received with previous radiation treatments, but it appears the cancer that remains in the lungs is not responding.  The growth in one of the lower lung lobes grew from slightly smaller than an inch to slightly longer than an inch during the course of the two chemo treatments.  The thyroid tumor, which shrunk from radiation, has remained unchanged which is definitely the take home message from Friday's appointment.

So what now?  Well, the physician's recommendation is to stop chemotherapy because it was ineffective in prohibiting the cancer, albeit small, from growing.  So, the infusion on Friday was canceled and we were given several options about next steps.  Ultimately dad chose to visit with the Clinical Trial group at MD Anderson.  In the near future he will visit with this team and see what type of experimental therapies are currently being tested at MD Anderson.  Of course we will keep our eye on the national clinical trials as well.

Dad's faith is rock solid and his strength is amazing.  In my mind this is a staged battle and two major steps were completed with radiation and chemotherapy.  Although dad's throat is still healing today from the radiation, it was a deadly blow to the thyroid tumor.  The cancer cells that will respond to this type of chemo have done so already, so it is time to move on - start the next stage of the battle.  Whether the next cancer battling medium is an experimental therapy, healthy diets and exercise, a growing faith, the power of a positive family around him, or the next super natural supplement, we are all behind Superman Steve.

I mentioned Dad's strength earlier for a reason.  As many of you know, Dad likes to remain very active and it continues to be true.  It's hard to keep up with him when every time you turn around he is installing shelving, mowing the yard, refinishing furniture, cleaning out the fish tank, so on and so forth.  This weekend we went to the beach and attended soccer games for both Taylor and Gabriel!  I know Dad's body is not up for the activity, but his will is very strong.  His unworldly strength comes from his faith......and his faith is rock solid.

Keep the prayers and positive comments flowing our way!

The kids are very jealous that Grandpa gets to ride the scooter in the grocery store!

Superman in action!  A special cape with lots of sentimental value from dad's sister.


  1. Praying for you and your family. Steve!

  2. Steve,

    Good to hear the news of you out and about, looking forward to seeing you back down here in Montpellier sometime soon.