Sunday, June 10, 2012


This is just an addition to the wonderful words that Pam Hansen wrote about 2 weeks ago - She is so correct about none of us knowing what it is like to experience the horrible experience of terminal cancer and all of the treatment that is associated with it.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 9 years
ago and I thought that was a difficult experience - but after seeing what Steve and Cindy and the family have been through over the past year, it is like nothing compared to this experience.  I continue to wear the "Superman bracelet and pray for both Steve and Cindy and the family daily.  Just an update - after Monica and Mike left Tucson, Steve had a turn for the worse and Cindy needed help.  Ryan called and asked if she needed help and Cindy said - Yes and he was in Tucson almost immediately.  I know this was a God-send for Cindy.  That young man and his family are truly amazing and I know Steve and Cindy are very proud of what they have done for them.  Just to give you some idea about this family - They have all visited from great distances and at some difficult times, certainly times when most of us would have certainly understood their reasons for delaying a visit - but not this family!   When Ryan needed to leave - David Hansen (Steve's youngest brother) came to stay with Cindy and Steve for about a week.  Both of these young men were like guardian angels sent to serve.  You see, Steve is not able to talk or communicate other that with head signals or hand signals and yet Cindy and the caretakers still know what he is thinking.  I know it is frustrating and I was as well when we were talking about our past experiences and Steve wanted to talk and yet could not.  I know - he knows when we are near and that so many of his friends and family continue to pray for him. Right now, Cindy's good friend from Houston is with her and on Friday - Bill Pappas(Steve's sisters husband) will be here to help.   What I am saying is that this is an amazing family that will step up and help when they are needed.  What I ask is that each and everyone of us continue to pray for Steve, Cindy and family - for healing and for comfort and strength for all who are caregivers. You must know that Cindy is an amazing person who continues the "walk".   For better or for worse.


  1. Thank you for these incredible words of faith family love and continuing the walk...
    Cindy..Steve..we love you all..Ryan Echo Monica and all...
    So many of us want to reach out and do something...and yet so much is being done..prayer is continued and love is sent..through this.
    many huggs n love to all
    from your NC family

  2. Once again, I was "afraid" to check the updates on this site. At the same time, it makes me so proud to have such wonderful cousins. What a great family you are. My love and prayers are with all of you.

    Kathy Jones Reed
    Cincinnati cousin