Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year

I wanted to provide an update for everyone on Superman Steve's progress.  Mom and dad returned from their Christmas/New Year's trip to Tucson, AZ last week.  I know they were not all that excited to return to Houston as it means returning to treatment - the constant poking and prodding and all day trips to the hospital.  The sacrifice and hard work put in by Superman Steve has paid off though as his health is as good as anyone could hope for right now.  The latest visits to MD Anderson have all been positive and dad will have repeat CT scans later this month.  We also await to see if dad will be enrolled in a clinical trial to test a new drug.  I will have much more to post on these two upcoming events in the near future!

For now I want to say the Christmas and New Year's break from Houston and Hospitals was a well timed and well deserved hiatus.  We look forward to starting off 2012 on the right path toward healing.......

Thanks again for everyone's warm blessings.  Happy New Year!


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  1. Thanks, Ryan! I am just now seeing this update, and I'm thankful to know a bit more. Having Steve and Cindy here in Tucson, both for Mom's 80th birthday and also for Christmas, was priceless. Tears of joy abounded when everyone saw him, because he looks so good and is still so strong - just as you would expect of our Superman! People aske me about my Superman band, and I get to tell them about Steve's journey and what a difference he has made in so many lives, because of his spirit, his strengh, and of course his faith. The prayer cards are also a blessing and are welcomed by all whom I have given them to. May God continue to bless all of you, and keep the updates coming! Much love, Joanie